Sunday, July 31, 2011

GOLD - Field Guide for Prospectors ...

ISBN-13: 978-1463692629 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1463692625 BISAC: Science / Earth Sciences / General

Few other geologists in history have been as successful at finding gold and other mineral deposits as the the authors. The senior author discovered hundreds of gold anomalies and was on the discovery team of one of the largest gold deposits in North America in the Kuskokwim Mountains of Alaska and made the initial discovery of an entire gold district in the Rattlesnake Hills of Wyoming, which is being touted as another Cripple Creek.

How does one find gold? Where can one find a gold deposit? How do you recognize gold? What other valuable minerals are likely to be found around gold deposits?

Thanks to a Congress and Obamanomics, gold prices continue to rise like a Saturn 5 rocket and jobs are being cut everywhere and mining exploration is almost nonexistent. No, I don't mined being taxed out of my brains by Obamadon'tcare especially, if Congress and Obama also are required to take up Obamacare. And why do you think none of them are under Obamacare? Apparently they know something.

Well, back to gold. Thousands of gold deposits that have been ignored by geologists and prospectors in the past are likely commercial at today's price. Gold is the only commodity with real intrinsic value.

The authors provide the reader with information on where to find gold, how to find gold and give four decades of combined experience to help the reader understand what to look for and how to read the geology and rock outcrops.

Over the past 3 decades a few hundred gold deposits and anomalies were discovered by the senior author and many were looked at by both authors (when gold was more than 4 times lower than it is today). In this book, the authors' tell you about hundreds of gold deposits and anomalies and tell you exactly where these deposits are located. It is now up to you to visit them and see if you can make a mine out of some of these.

This book is designed to use hand in hand with a second book on mineral identification.

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