Sunday, November 13, 2011


Panning for gold. Ever wonder how many
diamonds you may have panned out in creeks
and didn't realize they were in your gold pan?

While watching a new series titled, "Gold Rush Alaska", I couldn't help but being distracted by the antics of this group of wanabe prospectors. A bunch of out-of-work people from the West coast who make every possible mistake in attenpting to mine placer gold. These people need help with gold prospecting.

It's more than obvious they have a lot of money backing them, otherwise they would have been out of business in the first week. So what is wrong with doing things right, or a TV program to educate prospectors on how to do things right.

Any idea of what these minerals are? Some are worth more
more than $1 million/carat and are 100,000 times more
valuable than gold! Yet they are often missed in gold pans.
Extraordinary gemstones found in anthills and in creeks.
Just another rock? Nope, this one has gem-quality garnet,
pyroxene, and kyanite. Similar samples may also have gem-
quality sapphire and diamond.
Ever seen this mineral? Its a 100-carat, high-quality pink
sapphire I found in Wyoming
And look at all of this gold! Did you see the little red garnet
on the gold flake? Its a gemstone and this rare variety of
garnet tells us that there are rich diamond deposits nearby in
the Medicine Bow Mountains.

What is today's GOLD PRICE?
These wanabe prospectors should have first investigated a gold prospect by taking bulk samples prior to purchasing a few hundred thousand dollars in mining equipment. They need to learn about beneficiation of the gravel before minnig and purchasing a mill, they are not the brightest when it comes to leasing a property (nothing more needs to be said), how about mine and water permits, building living structures on a claim without having any idea of what is there, and more. Did they do anything right? Not that I noticed.

This idea does have potential. Why not do a similar program, but have the prospectors do things right - it would be entertaining and also educational. We have millions of unemployed in the country thanks to Obamanomics, and no visible future for most of these people. I know of several, very educated people who have been out of work for more than a year and Obama does not give a ... Well, you know.

A TV program that educates people in:
(1) Where to find gold,
(2) How to recognize gold and other minerals and rocks,
(3) How to mine gold,
(4) How to identify other valuable minerals that are often found with gold, such as diamonds, tin, tungsten, ruby, sapphire, benitoite, platinum, palladium, gem-quality garnet, etc. 
(5) How & where to prospect for diamonds (I think this one would be great, as North America (particularly Canada) is booming because of the many gold and diamond discoveries - something that could easily happen in the US),

(6) How and where to find colored gemstones (for instance, I found what could be a $trillion in colored gemstones in Wyoming, as well as $billions in gold in Wyoming and Alaska).

A couple of books that will help in your search for gold and gemstones:

(1) GOLD
(3) DIAMONDS (this book can be purchased at a reasonable price at the Wyoming Geological Survey).

Are the Drug Dealers down the Block Still Stealing Copper Wire?

And Why Look for Gold when all you need is just one Diamond, Ruby or Sapphire of the right size?

That's right, some gemstones are worth hundreds of times the value of gold - and what is more interesting is that there are likely billions of carats of gemstones sitting in your state - if only you knew how to find them.

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We've recently been contacted by nine different TV production companies possibly interested in developing a new show on Hunting for Gemstones. Maybe one day, we'll show you how to find $billions in gemstones, diamonds & gold using sound geological principals.


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